Decimator Suppressor Cleaning System

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Finally, an Effective, Simple and Safe way to clean and maintain your suppressors! Bore Tech’s Decimator Suppressor Cleaning System, is the industry’s only cleaner specifically formulated to safely and effectively remove the extreme fouling buildup inside suppressors. Decimator effortlessly cleans Rimfire and Centerfire suppressors as well as muzzle breaks!

This innovative system effectively cleans the extreme amounts of fouling in both sealed and take-apart suppressors. Decimator is safe for Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium and a wide variety of today’s most commonly used alloys and coatings.

The Decimator Suppressor Cleaning System features:

• Stainless Steel Suppressor Stand accommodates .17cal to .50cal suppressors and securely holds suppressor while catching any cleaner overflow

• 16oz Decimator Cleaner – Part A focuses on the stubborn carbon/lead buildup inside the suppressor

• 16oz Decimator Cleaner – Part B focuses on the heavy buildup of copper fouling inside the suppressor

• Trigger Spray Handle & Flushing Lance w/ Splash Shield* effectively flushes and removes all loosened fouling from inside the intricate chambers, passages and holes.
*For best results use 1,500-2,500psi Pressure Washer (Not Included)

It is proven that suppressors accumulate significant amounts of corrosive fouling during use. As fouling builds accuracy and sound/flash suppression deteriorate. If fouling accumulates to a critical level, significant damage can occur.

During extensive R&D, cleaning intervals were determined based off of rounds fired and the associated weight gained from fouling. Following these recommendations makes it quick, easy and effective to properly clean and maintain suppressors.

Cleaning Intervals

Higher round counts lead to expodential accumulation of fouling as fouling likes to “stick” to fouling. This in combination with the extreme temperatures and pressures seen during shooting leads to fouling layers becoming harder, denser, thicker and much more difficult to remove.

The figure below shows a .243/6mm caliber suppressor with approximately 12,000 + rounds fired. Observe the thick, jagged layers of carbon and copper fouling that have accumulated on the baffle surfaces in the BEFORE picture.



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