ATACR 4-16X42 F1 Zerohold

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If you need something compact yet powerful, the ATACR 4-16×42 F1 delivers. The fully multi-coated ED glass lenses within are stunning. Adjustments are standard with the Nightforce low profile ZeroHold feature, and available in .1 Mrad (12 Mils per revolution) or .25 MOA (30 MOA per revolution) increments. A capped windage adjustment helps prevent accidental adjustment in the field. The parallax adjustment is marked with approximate numbered distances and is coupled with DigIllum digital reticle illumination. The eyepiece features enhanced engraving, an integrated Power Throw Lever (PTL) and an XtremeSpeed thread for making a fast diopter adjustment. All of these features are paired with intelligent, Nightforce F1, first focal plane, reticles that provide for fast hold-off adjustments and precise ranging calculations. The ATACR 4-16×42 F1 sets a new standard in mid-powered optics.



Riktmedel Mil-R
Justering: 0.1 Mil

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ATACR F1 4-16×42
Fokalplan: Första, medförstorande.
Synfält 100 meter: 8,1-2,1 meter.
Justeromfång: Höjd: 26 mrad (12 mil per varv) Sida: 18 mrad.
Klickvärde: 0.1 mrad.
ZeroHold: Ja.
Power Throw Lever (PTL): Ja
Parallaxjustering: 41 meter till evighet.
Tubdiameter: 34 mm.
Längd: 32 cm.
Vikt: 850 g.
Längd mellantub: 16 cm.
Utvändig diameter objektiv: 50 mm.
Utvändig diameter okular: 45 mm.
Belysning: Ja, justerbar utvändigt. Digillum
Riktmedel: Mil-R (Mrad)


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